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Pedagogical Resources

Africa Europe Youth Cooperation happens through a very intense process of partnership, cooperation, building mutual understanding and learning together. While we can understand the cooperation as an intrinsically political process, we mustn't forget that the majority of synergies, positions and visions for where we strive to go with the cooperation, actually results from educational activities and pedagogically thought-through processes.

So, in order to understand the true spirit of the cooperation, we need to look at the way it is structured and how it actually happens. Fundamentally, the cooperation is about bringing young people from both continents together in order for them to explore the challenges of their realities and look for sustainable solutions. This meeting point is structured according to Global Education principles and most of the activities are implemented through Non-formal Education approach and methodologies. In the cooperation process the political and the pedagogical are bound together.

This section of the resource centre in intended for everyone who is searching to understand better the spirit of the cooperation as well as for every educator, trainer, youth worker or activist who is looking for some support when planning and implementing educational activities of an intercontinental nature or with strong intercultural components. It aims to provide a theoretical basis as well as a vast array of educational tools, which can be used within educational activities.