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UNDP Fast Facts: Youth and Climate Change

UNDP Fast Facts: Youth and Climate Change
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Year: 2015

Today’s youth has a unique stake in the global dialogue on climate change: within their generation’s lifetime, our planet’s climate will cease to be what we know it to be. Young men and women are playing an active role in protecting the environment and finding innovative solutions to climate change. After crisis, youth often play a pivotal role in adopting and promoting environmentally-friendly practices at home and in the community. Young women are contributing as managers of natural resources in rural economies and this in turn impacts both diagnostics and solutions towards resilience building.

As outlined in its Youth Strategy for 2014-2017, UNDP works with young people as a positive force for transformational change, strengthening youth engagement in the development and implementation of green solutions to the challenges they face such as unemployment and marginalization.

Source: http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/librarypage/results/fast_facts/fast-facts--youth-and-climate-change/