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Apply for the Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP)

The Swedish Institute’s Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP) is an intercultural leadership programme that aims to lay a foundation for dialogue and knowledge sharing among young leaders from the Middle East, North Africa and Sweden.

Participants from previous runs of YLVP. Photo: Aline Lessner and Martin Edström

Participants from previous runs of YLVP. Photo: Aline Lessner and Martin Edström

The YLVP is designed to provide the participants with new skills, broadened networks and innovative tools to strengthen their work to drive social change in their respective contexts. The participants are visionaries who are in a position to make a difference. They are young, open-minded leaders in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and Sweden who are actively working for democracy and human rights within the spheres of society, culture, politics and media.

During and after the programme the participants will be part of an active network that will boost creativity and support their personal and professional development, while also laying the platform for a more connected future. Since the launch of the YLVP in 2008, the programme alumni network has grown to comprise over 200 young leaders.

The call for applications for YLVP 2016 is open from 10 November to 8 December 2015. Apply now!

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Contacts at the Swedish Institute

Ulrika K Engström, Programme Manager
Amelie Johansson, Communications Officer

Link: https://eng.si.se/areas-of-operation/leadership-programmes-and-cultural-exchange/young-leaders-visitors-programme/
Deadline: 2015-12-08