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Do you want to take part in the #EYE2016?

The step by step guide to help you in the registration process is available.

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First step
Groups that want to participate in the EYE 2016 need to nominate a Group Leader, who will register the group and provide the basic information on the group and his/her personal details.After submitting this information, the application will be evaluated and normally within two weeks' time it should get accepted / rejected. The Group Leader will be notified about the result by email.

Second step
Once having received a positive confirmation email, the Group Leader will have to communicate the confirmation number and the registration link to all group members, in order for them to be able to add their personal details in the registration system.

Third step
Every participant is required to introduce his/her personal details by accessing the registration page via the link and the confirmation number provided by the group leader.
The group leader is encouraged to check how many of invited members have registered their details in the system and make sure that all participants are entered by 31/12/2015 (bearing in mind that the minimum number of participants (10) is reached).

Fourth step
Once the registration for activities is open (approximately in March 2016), all participants older than 18 years will receive a notification email inviting them to choose the activities they want to attend. Participants below the age of 18 will be registered automatically to the activities their group leader will choose to attend.



Proceed with registration


From 2016-05-20 to 2016-05-21 at Strasbourg, France
Link: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/european-youth-event/en/take-part!/registration-guide.html